Removals from Google's Index

Check here to understand more first.

How to submit a page removal request for pages via the url removal tool and also details regarding the difference between what is known as the ‘public’ url

Frequent questions regarding using the URL removal tool to remove images and pages from Google.

Step by step, how to find and remove a URL of an image cached in Google’s image search.

In pictures, words and a video guide. Complete instruction on how to submit a cache removal to remove the meta description and the cached page from Google’s search results once a page has been amended.

Removing caches and snippets from your own site is easier if you submit via a Search Console (a.k.a. Webmaster Tools) account as you do not need to specify a unique term.

How to remove a quick-view PDF from google. You need to remember to submit the url of the originating document

To removal a whole directory from Google’s index, you need to submit the request from a verified Search Console (a.k.a. Webmaster Tools) account for the site.

You can do more to ensure that your cache removal request succeeds. Here is further detail with pictures for users looking for more information.

Video instructions on how to remove your whole site from the index with one removal request.

Google indexes Plesk control panel pages at random. If your Plesk 8443 page is indexed then you may find the standard methods of removal to be difficult.